One of the hardest problems in dealing with depression is when we have a really poor image of ourselves.  We feel we are not worth anything.  It may be that we look at others who seem to have it altogether.  We wish we were like that.  We may look at others who we think are pretty and we feel ugly.  A number of other things that make us feel depressed such as; we are not good, ugly, not smart, too fat, too thin, have no friends, can’t make friends, can’t say the right things at the right time, don’t have a neat house, don’t have neat clothes, don’t have a nice car and on and on.

All these things seem so important.  We dwell on them and draw back into a shell or feel sorry for ourselves because we can’t function right.

Once again, we can see the enemy (depression) entering our house and we feel hopeless.  This enemy is a friend of our opponent the devil.  He likes to whisper all these negative images into our minds.  That makes him happy to see us put down, afraid and hopeless.  He will not stop his work of constantly demeaning us because that is his work.  To destroy us.  As long as we listen to him and his lies we will continue to be depressed.

Our only weapon to destroy his evil deeds is prayer in the name and power of Jesus.  Even the name Jesus scares him.  When we speak that name often, indeed constantly, he has to flee because he has no power over the name of Jesus.  So when he returns, and he will try, we must speak to him and tell him to get out of our lives for we belong to Jesus who has all power to defeat him.  We must wrap our minds around the wonderful gift of Jesus.  And with this gift we must fight a mighty battle to defeat the enemy in the strength and power of our Lord Jesus.

We have an on going constant battle to conquer this enemy.  We can’t do it in our own power.  We have to ask Jesus to help us.  How?  By praying.  Talking to Jesus and listening to Jesus.  He hears  our prayers.  He listens to our cries.  He LOVES us and cares about us.  He will rush to help us each and every time we simply ask Him to come to our aid.  He never tires of helping us.

Yes, we fail.  Yes, we sin.  Yes, we are far from perfect.  He knows all of this but He still LOVES us.  If we persevere and just keep on asking Him, He will never ever leave us or turn away from us.

How can a LOVE be so great?  I don’t know but I can tell you that He has pulled me up out of the depths time and time again because of His incredible LOVE for me.  He will do the same for you.  Call out to Him.  Talk to Him (prayer) and confess to Him all your doubts, fears, sins.  He knows it all anyway for He knows everything and everybody.  He is knocking at the door of your heart now.  Invite Him in and let Him heal, deliver and save you so that you can know the real person He has made you to be.  That person is BEAUTIFUL!