Feel like you are in a place where nothing makes sense?

Feel like you hate to have to do anything?

Feel like nothing matters?

Feel guilty that you feel this way?

Feel like you are a nothing?

Feel like nobody likes you?

Feel like you are a complete failure?

Feel angry that you feel this way?

Feel angry that God does not help you?

Feel angry that your parents didn’t help you?

Many of these feelings and a lot more go with depression.  In this miserable state we often feel so depressed that we wish we could die and get it over with.  We have a loving God that stands by us.  He is there even when we do not believe in Him.  He believes in us.  He sends us people to help us.  He sends us angels to help us.  He sends His Word to help us.  He sends His anointed ones (priests and ministers) to help us.  He sends medical and psychological helpers to help us.  He sends medicines that can help us.  He sends His Holy Spirit to lead us to Jesus who is God.  Jesus lived in a human body and has felt all our feelings.  He loves us so much He died on a cruel cross and shed His blood to provide a means by which we can be healed.  He will deliver us from this enemy “depression” and from all that hurts and destroys us.

I know this is true.  He has done this for me many times.  He can and will do it for you.  You can receive this help.  But you must surrender your feelings to Him.  Open your heart and life to allow Him to Heal and Deliver you.  He can and will make you well and whole.  He LOVES you and wants you well and so do I.

Let’s pray and ask Him to come into your life.  To forgive your sins.  To make you whole in body, mind, and spirit and emotions.  To save you!

We ask it Lord in the name of the Father, Jesus and the Holy Spirit.  Amen and Amen!