My purpose in having this web site is to help others who suffer from depression as I have in my life.  I am 80 years old now, in my younger years I had to deal with depression much of the time.  I felt insecure and had a bad self image.  On this web site I try to tell how I felt and how I learned to deal with this problem.  As you read through it you may be able to identify with my battles with depression.  I came through these times of depression through the help of my Lord.  Indeed, He has healed me, delivered me and brought me to a place of peace in His amazing LOVE.  He has come to be my escape from depression.

I have to confess that it is an on going battle.  At times it is harder to deal with than at other times.  Many factors are involved in my fight.  For instance, if I am not physically well I have to fight against depression.  Other factors like sickness in the family, family arguments, financial problems, death in the family, etc. can affect me or others and bring on seasons of depression.  Each person could name their own circumstances that cause depression.

Depression is very prevalent in my family background.  It seems that it is something that is often particularly common in certain families.

The Lord has helped me to overcome depression many times by simply going to Him in prayer.  I tell Him how I feel.  I tell Him how much I need His help.  Over and over through the years He has heard my cry for help.  He has given me His LOVE.

Here are some of the ways He has sent me help to overcome my depression:

  1. He has sent people to give me encouragement.
  2. Books I have read on healing.
  3. Prayer with others.
  4. By spending long periods of talking and listening to Him in the quiet of my home.
  5. Through sermons I have heard.
  6. Through reading the Bible alone and in groups.
  7. Through seeking the prayers of those who pray for healing.
  8. Through asking my pastors to anoint me with oil and pray for my healing.
  9. Through times when He has touched me in church or at home as I ask Him to heal me.
  10. Many other ways as well.

All these ways I can recommend to any who suffer depression.  Our God is Powerful.   He loves us.  He wants us well.  He can heal and deliver us from depression.  He healed me of what was suppose to be terminal cancer 30 years ago.  He has healed me of depression many, many times through the years.  He heals today.  He will heal you if you ask Him and seek His help each time you need Him.

The Bible tells us when two agree and ask they can have what they ask.  I am agreeing with you now and I ask the Lord to heal you and deliver you from depression.  I ask it in the name of the Father, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit.  Amen and Amen!