Many people who suffer from depression seek help from medical people: doctors, therapists, psychiatrists, and counselors.  The doctors can give you medicine that will help you receive relief from some of your symptoms.  Medical help in dealing with depression can be, and many times is, quite successful.  I cannot speak directly to this since I have never used any medical help but I know others who have, and they tell me it gave them much help.  Since I am not a trained medical person or a trained counselor, I have no knowledge of any of this.  I know without a doubt that the Lord can and does use the medical sciences to help and heal those who choose to deal with depression in this way.  I am equally sure that when a person who uses medical means as their help will join it with Prayer so that the Lord can work with and through each doctor, psychiatrist and counselor, that person has the very best hope for complete healing.  In my case, I chose to rely 100% on prayer and not use the medical means for my many healings of depression.  I do not at all recommend this for others.  I simply felt that the Lord that I have known all my life could and would heal me.  Not everyone is so blessed.

So I would say to use whatever a person needs to combat depression but to always pray – seek the ultimate healing from the Lord who Loves us and is the Only One who will give us the healing we need.  He uses those who are gifted and trained in medical ways but it is, in the end, He and He Alone who is able to take the pill the doctor prescribes and use it in a person’s body and mind to bring about the healing needed.  Therefore, Pray –  seek His guidance to show you how to deal with this enemy.  God in His perfect knowledge knows what is Best.  He LOVES you and wants you whole in body, mind, spirit and emotions.  Pray – ask Him to heal and deliver you in the precious name of Jesus the Lord.