There are times in life when we feel depressed and we really can’t understand why.  Seemingly things are good still we have a feeling of depression.  Much of my life I have had to fight fear.  Fear can cause depression.  A sense of something bad is going to happen even when things are good.  Fear is a terrible thing to live with.  I felt so responsible for my children that I over protected them because I was afraid if I let them do even normal things that other kids were doing something bad would happen to them.  Of course, this was not good for them or me.  But fear ruled a lot of the time especially when they were young.  It kept me in a state of depression.  I functioned and they did many things.  Still I wish, looking back, that I could have had faith instead of fear.  How much better our lives would have been.

I finally overcame this fear in my later life and depression is rarely with me.  The Lord has graciously given me a gift of faith.  Nothing I can do to receive the gift of faith except to surrender my life totally to Him.  When I had the cancer and thought I had four to six months to live, I had no choice.  I gave my life totally to the Lord.  Fear left me – depression left me.  I have had 30 years of peace in my Lord.

The Lord can take away your depression and fear.  He is able.  Surrender your life to Him.  Let Him be in charge.  I promise you with Him in charge you will find deliverance from fear and depression.  I ask our Lord now to help you to give your life, your will, your ALL to Him and be healed and delivered from fear and depression.  I ask it in the name of the Father, Jesus and the Holy Spirit.  Amen and Amen!