Persevere in Prayer for Healing

Once you have prayed and even confessed your sins and accepted Jesus Christ as your Savior, you may think depression should be gone.  There are times when this will be the case.  But for most of us, these are only the first steps toward receiving healing of depression.  So do not be discouraged.  The Lord does LOVE you and He wants you well.  But depression has found a home in your life.  It has been there probably for many years and has not come overnight.  It has happened because of many circumstances and events in your life.  So it does not, as a rule, leave with just one prayer or even with a number of prayers.  It has been a problem in your life that has made you miserable for a number of years.  It will leave you only as you resolve to keep on a steady course of prayer.

You may look at this enemy of yours, depression, as an ugly visitor who comes to your door often.  He is uninvited and not wanted.  Still he is persistent in his insisting on coming into your house.  His presence is disturbing to you.  He makes you feel uncomfortable.  He will not leave you alone.

So the one and only way you can rid yourself of him is to learn to Pray.  Prayer is a powerful tool to force this enemy to leave.  But because he has been there so much and because he has power, your greatest hope is to go to the Lord in Prayer as often as the enemy sticks his head into your life.  Pray – ask the Lord to cast the unwanted, intruder out in the name of Jesus.  Ask Him to deliver you from this evil one who tries to destroy you.

The name of Jesus is your powerful tool.  Over and over cry out to Him in your times of depression.  He hears you.  He. Cares.  He LOVES you.  He wants you to need and depend on Him.  He is your friend.  He will deliver you as you look to Him for your help.  Call out to Him.  Ask Him for help.  You must give Him your life, surrendering your will to Him to allow Him to deliver you from this enemy.  Also He wants to give you so much more.  He longs to give you His LOVE.

I ask the Lord now to help you to turn your life, your thoughts, your everything over to Him.  He can deliver and heal you in your body, mind, spirit and emotions.  Then you can give Him all the glory.  I ask it in the name of the Father, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit.  Amen and Amen!

Say this prayer every time you are in need and know I am praying it with you.