Death is a part of our life.  We have to face it from time to time.  It can make us feel very depressed.  It can even become a fear that will haunt us.  Our only hope is to once again turn to the Lord and seek His help.  He is the Only One who can hold out a sense of Hope in thinking about facing the event of our death or the death of those we love.

When my mother died after she had suffered 15 years with debilitating arthritis, I could not feel grief because I knew my mother was no longer in the constant pain she had suffered with for so long.  I knew she was with her Lord.  She had said she prayed every day for Him to come to get her for years.  She knew Jesus as her Lord and Savior.  She longed to go to heaven to be with Him and many she loved who had gone on before her.  Her faith was secure.

So I could only rejoice when I let go of her to be in a much better place.  The depression I had suffered for all the years I had watched her be in so much pain in her body was for me now gone.  All the years that depression was almost constant because it hurt so bad to see her hurting was now gone.  I knew my mother was healed and the depression I felt was turned to joy at her going home to her Lord.

When my husband of 59 years died, I once again felt only joy for his being delivered from being in constant pain for over a year.  He had to be on oxygen 24 hours a day and often could not get his breath.  The depression I suffered with him was to see him in this condition.

When he left us and went on to be in heaven I could only feel relieved and grateful that he no longer was fighting for breath.  He was with the Lord and could run and breath the pure air of heaven.

One of the great blessings that helped him and all of our family was that before he died the Lord gave him a vision of heaven.  After this he was at peace and ready to go to be with his Lord.  Our family can only rejoice that he is healed now.  The depression of watching him daily going down and knowing I could do nothing but be there for him is gone.  I know where he is and I rejoice that he is with the Lord.  Nothing could be better.

When I had cancer and was told I probably had four to six months to live 30 years ago, I had to deal with death, my death.  I surrendered my life after much prayer of my own and others who prayed for me to the Lord.  I told Him I wanted to live if that was His will.  I told Him I would die if that was His will.  I truly gave Him my life, my ALL.

After that I was healed I have had 30 years that they did not think I would have.  So I have had to come face to face with my own death.  I can only say that death has no fear for me.  I am ready to go to be with my Lord who I gave my life to all those years ago.  Depression has been very rare for me since I truly gave my all to Jesus and put Him in charge of my life.

Depression has no place when Jesus is in charge.  Oh, that any who suffer from depression can come to Him.  He will take away depression.  He will offer to anyone His LOVE, His Hope, His Healing, and Salvation.

May you who suffer accept Him and receive your healing and eternal help.  I ask it in the name of the Father, Jesus and the Holy Spirit.  Amen and Amen!