In my life I have felt depression much of the time.  Since I am a Christian I could not understand why this was a part of my life.

So I assumed it must be because of my sins.  I knew I was far from perfect so I tried and tried to repent and to do better.  But I seemed to not be any better most of the time.  I would have times when I felt I was doing good so God loved me.  But then circumstances would come on me and I would not measure up to what I knew a good Christian should do.  So I would feel guilty and depressed.  It seemed to me I was hopeless.

So why be a Christian?  I would forget it.  Others who are not Christians or nominal Christians did better than me.  I tried to just forget being a Christian at all for a time.  But that did not work for me either.  I knew Jesus as my Savior from the time I was 10 years old and even as a very little child.

So why was I depressed?  What was wrong with me?  This cycle went on in my life much of the time.  Many ups and downs and I had to deal with recurring depression. I reached a point of feeling very hopeless.  It was then that I cried out to Jesus, who I knew, for Him to help me and ask Him to forgive my sins and save me.  In my desperation, He sent me a group of people and books that talked about the Holy Spirit and the baptism in the Holy Spirit.  Jesus sent me His Spirit as I cried out to Him for help.  He sent me the Comforter as He said He would do when He left earth and went back to heaven.  This Comforter, the Holy Spirit came into my life as a real Person.  He comforted me.  He gave me His LOVE, the LOVE of Jesus who died on the cross for me.  Jesus gave me forgiveness for all my sins.  The Holy Spirit helped me to see how very much I was loved.  He filled me with His very PRESENCE.  Here inside Emmie Leach lived the very Presence of God – the Holy Spirit.  I knew Him as my God who LOVES me.  He was living all the time inside me.

Oh, the Comfort that came in this new relationship with the Lord.  An ever present Friend and Power who I could talk to all the time.  He heard my cries and talked to me.  He made my life worthy because of His LOVE.  His constant Presence was there for me when I needed Him.  He was always there.  I was never alone.  This absolutely wonderful gift transformed my whole life.  I knew how to deal with the old enemy depression.  Now I had in my very being a mighty Power – God – the Holy Spirit who LOVES me and could work all things together for good when I asked Him to.  I could overcome depression in, with, and through the Holy Spirit who lived inside me.  I could cry out to Him and simply ask Him to come to me and cast out depression.  With His mighty Power I could rest assured that He would work in all that depressed me.  He would do it in His way.  His way is the best way.  His time is the best time.  I would have to persevere in asking Him to help me.  He WOULD help me.  My job was and is to pray (ask) for Him to meet my needs all the time.

When I love Him and live according to His word in the Bible, my life and those I pray for would be assured of all the help we need to overcome depression, as well as all that would destroy me/us.

I beg you to come to the One and Only answer to all your depression or any of your needs.  Confess your sins and needs to Jesus.  He loves you and wants you well and delivered from this and all your problems.  Ask Him to send the Holy Spirit to comfort, and be there always for you.  He LOVES you also.  I ask these gifts of healing and deliverance from depression for you and those you love in the name of the Father, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit.  Amen and Amen!